The Nerve of These “Other Woman”

As you may already know, if you follow my blog , or any of my infidelity support pages and groups, my husband was unfaithful. You can find out more at   My first D-Day (Discovery Day) was on September 3, 2015. I found out he had been cheating on me in an emotional relationship for almost a year.  Almost 3 years after that, I found myself getting better.  I was beginning to trust  him again. Then another big bang came. I found out he had been cheating on me ever since I discovered his first affair. He has been with at least a dozen woman. I am pissed at him, but there is something that is making me angry just as much.

The Other Woman who had the nerve to email me out of the blue. This lady has me pissed off! I know it doesn’t seem bad, right? Not too out of the ordinary, right?  Let me explain some of what conspired.  When I first mentioned her to my Husband he said “oh, that is the one that I told you about from the bar “. To this day I did not need all the details he had given me. But hey men are not always careful about what they say. So, I learned that this woman likes to get beat to death while she F&^*s.  Don’t get me wrong I am all for some B.D.S.M. but the way he described it, it sounded out of this world brutal. From what I have gathered from the community and from my husband is this other woman is a local bar fly, always drunk and still lives with Mommy and Daddy. 

Her character is very flawed. Before I knew exactly which woman was reaching out to me (she sent email anonymously), I already knew quite a bit about her.   When I received the email from her, I wasn’t too mad at her, she did seem apologetic.  She seemed like she cared and wanted to help in my healing if that is what I needed. I am one who likes to give second chances (apparently.) So, we shared some emails back and forth. I asked her if she would like to write a blog entry for my blog.  But the last email I got from her has me through the roof.  I sent her an email letting her know I got her entry and it would take some time to get to it since I wasn’t feeling very well. Her reply was that she understood that her reaching out to me would cause some triggers.  Holy Freaking Flying F!  Wait a holy damn minute! You understand the triggers?  You have been in my shoes?  Then why the fuck did you reach out to me?  Why the  fu$k did you even come close to touching my husband? I know after going through this pain I would never wish it on anyone.  I mean anyone! So, what I must gather is she is doing it more for her than she is doing it to help me. Selfish little beotch! The nerve of some woman out there.  Come on ladies pull your shit together. We need to be sisters and honor the sisterhood. If nothing else just be a decent human being.

Something else that ticks me off.  Her first email said my Husband being married was “unbeknownst” to her.  I know that is a lie.  I sent her an email stating that something was off about her email. Which believe me there is way more then just her pretending to be unknowing. But I thought I would give her a chance to clean up her fib (once again with the chances.)  Of course, she never even addresses this.  Not even a little hint of addressing her lie. She cannot and will not admit she is a whore.  In her entry to the blog she not once mentioned whether she knew my husband was married or not. I am so irritated by this “other woman.”  After this I hope I never have to deal with one of those dumb bitches again because let me tell you, every single one has been some of the lowest, dumbest bottom dwelling scum out there.

I will be releasing her entry to blog soon, but I am waiting on a little more information before I do.  Wink. Wink.  On another note, my Husband may be doing an entry soon.  I am excited to see what he writes about.

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  1. I am so looking forward to reading that. Rarely does one get gaslit by the other woman. That’s some next level stuff.

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