Last Words for the Homewreckers

Before I begin let me acknowledge that my husband is just as much to blame and has had his fair share of karma and grief from me. This “letter” is for the other half of the affair.  Some woman didn’t know he was married, I understand how you can be played so I am not entirely writing this for them. This letter is for the woman who did know he was married and didn’t give a crap. 


Some of what I am about to write is going to be “immature” in nature but I deserve the right to address this however I want since I didn’t have any rights when you slept with my husband. I am not sending this to any of them, I am simply putting it on this blog. I honestly don’t think sending a letter to them would do anything. This is something I need to do to release the trauma and anger. This is to get the feelings out so I no longer hold them inside. If someone mentioned below happens to read this, oh well. I tell it like it is. If you don’t like it you should of thought about it before you decided to be a bottom feeder in society. 

Warning: If you are a woman who is a whore (see images below), you will not like what I am about to say. I am disgusted at how many of you actually exist out there. Shame on you, you are to blame for part of the gender gap!

Dear Other Woman, Whores, Skanks, Bar Flies, Tramps, Family Members, Hookers, and Homewreckers, 

Let  me start with the very first one. The whore who started it all. Destiny from the race track. You my dear have quite a reputation. I see that you are married now and I rest in knowing you will get exactly what you deserve and then some. You knowingly slept with a married man. Do you like wearing my dirty underwear because this is the equivalent.  You screwed him up in the head. You thought you were going to get him to leave his family. Nice try!  

Then there is Vanisha. I mean, your name says it all.  Your recent mugshot gave me immense pleasure. To see that you were even more ran down was gratifying. You were in jail for almost the exact crap my husband was in there for and at the same time. You are a special type of woman to suck a dick of a contractor who came into your house to install flooring. It is hard for me to fathom woman like you exist. 

To my husband’s Aunt. For the readers, she is married into family. Still disgusting considering she was an adult and he was a child when they first met. You are a person I cannot wait to run into. I have some serious pent up anger towards you. I remember coming over just after I found out about his “one affair” (only one I knew of) and you comforted me. You are a special kind of evil. I had a feeling something was off. I hated how he would talk to you and send you messages. I asked him to stop. But no, “she is my Aunt”. Disgusting!

Now this paragraph is for that Aunt’s daughter. I don’t blame you as much as I blame the rest. You have always been a skank and always will be. I enjoy watching you age fast from your drug use. I am irritated that you once were a beautiful, loving little girl who I loved and turned into what you are now. I remember you asking me “Does god get mad if you think bad things about people?” I replied, “Not if you keep it to yourself.” 

This next paragraph is for the one who I hate above all the rest. This one I would love to sue or have put in jail for what she did to my husband and family. Jen, I hate the fact that you are still around five years later. You are dumb for falling for his mothers bullshit story and bailing him out of jail. You got played and are still being played. I heard your vagina is loose as hell. I am happy you have been ripped off for thousands, and that is just the beginning, You started as a friend to my husband who confided in you about his marriage. You are a huge part of my husband’s mental health break down. A huge part in the way he thought about woman. To find out you are his elder disgusts me and the way you treat him as if he were a child is hilarious and gross at the same time. It is hilarious how you and his Mom have been trying to manipulate him. Two horses that are exactly the same color. Can I say “narcissist”. You should have heard the detective making fun of you, she loved listening to those jail house calls she really likes to make fun of your job as a bus driver for a preschool. Complete winner you are. Oh, thanks for the Herpes II, nasty whore. I should send you all my dirty underwear, you can be that much closer to me. I find it funny how you think you know everything about me when in fact you know nothing about me. You have been fed lies and created your own thoughts on me. You haven’t even met me. You are going to live forever and I want you to know when you are on your deathbed for years at a time, that’s me who did that.  Well, it is your karma. When you mess with an angel you get the mightiest of punishments. 

To the lady who runs an animal shelter for cats. Do you sleep with all the people who serve their community service through you? He was there for just a week. What kind of skank sleeps with a man who is serving community service and after only a week. You are another one I cannot fathom. There really are some shitty woman out there. 

To the hooker, prostitute, masseuse, who acted as a “sister” or “friend” when I was in a car accident. Gee thanks for letting my abusive husband stay at your house. To top it off lets have sex with him. The amount of men who have put there thing in your holes is outstanding. I heard some brothers have taken it too, shows where you are on the totem pole. I love how you will never be with your true love, he is smarter than that. I really struggle keeping your “massage business” a secret. I take comfort that the best is yet to come for you. Things are in the works. You can only be with so many married men before that type of karma catches up with you. I also want to acknowledge how ugly you are and you can buff out as much as you want I can still kick your ass. Oh and I was in your house a couple times. 

To the barfly who likes it rough. Yeah, I know all about how you got beat and fu*)&(. You say you didn’t know he was married but I know that is a lie. You are one crazy disgusting whore of a lady. Known as a drunk and a skank. You are used by men like a dirty shop rag. You are the only woman who was dumb enough to reach out to me as if you were going to help. Stupid is all I can say. I love how you are scared of me. How is living at your parents going? 

To the other Jen. Yeah people there was two. This one ticks me off too. I saw and up close picture of your private parts. Gross! I don’t know why but he doesn’t want me to do or say anything to you. My best guess is he lied to you, a lot. You slept with him when he was being forced to stay away from home because he was being abusive. He was only away from home for four days. No matter what that puts you as a skank whore in my books. I find it funny you have blocked me on social media. What do you think I would do? 

This last bit is about all the sluts that are not mentioned above. The girls from dating apps and local bars. Kimberly, Wanda, Danielle, Dani, Sarah, Crystal, Heidi, Shannon, Kim S, Brandi, Brooke, Nicole, Jami, Laura, Tiina, and the names that are forgotten. You all knew he was married. You all have no morals or integrity. You all are homewrecking sluts who deserve a life full of dread. It sickens me that there are so many of you out there.

I know that I am different in the fact I will not just sleep with someone who I barely know. I cannot understand how you can just open those legs like it is nothing. Still, there are women who do that and would never do what you did. This leaves you at the bottom bottom of the chain, the uttermost bottom feeders of society. Hope you like the taste of karma when it is served because you are getting served.


The Wife Who Didn’t Have a Choice

PS You could have herpes 2 .

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  3. You live in a bedroom, drive a shitty car and your gonna make what go away?


  4. And hey, what would be dumb is if you didn’t believe me…


  5. Stupid is as stupid does and you’ve proved it time and time again. You don’t know me or my people and you don’t want to. So stop your nonsense and this will go away.


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