Dear Mother-In-Law From Hell,

    Oh boy have I wanted to write this letter for a long time but held back because I know how much my husband loves you.  Even though you will never read this it feels good to write it. There is a more R rated version but I am keeping it as PG as possible for this blog.

I am more than thrilled to know you are on your deathbed and have been for quite awhile.  Must be miserable. I guarantee it does not compare to all the pain you have caused every single person you have known. You are the true definition of the devil!  You are so warped in every aspect of your thinking and have created your own hell here on earth.  I cannot wait till you pass and wreak the real wrath of all the pain you have caused.  

You are a controlling, vindictive, narcissistic, manipulative, deceitful, lieing, conniving, pessimistic, dumb, stupid, uneducated, ugly inside and out person.  

I take pleasure in knowing the Sheriffs department got a kick out of your phone conversations with your son in jail because they were so over the top outrageous. They shared some of the dumb stuff you talked about and boy did it make me chuckle. The more pissed you get the more stupid you are.  

To condone and/or not even acknowledge what your son did to me and to his family is something I could never do as a mother.  There is no way I would stick by my child’s side just because they are my child.  Wrong is wrong and I don’t condone it!

Maybe you are unaware of how much shit he has put me through.  How much the kids lost because of his behavior. Let me fill you in.  He cheated on me with over a dozen women in a 4 year span with no regards to mine or his health resulting in herpes. Two of those women are family members. He couldn’t keep a job.  He held everyone responsible for his feelings and problems in his life.  All the while he was accusing me of the same thing. His accusations were all under false pretenses he made up in his mind, very similar to the way you make shit up.  

To stand by his side without knowing the full truth is stupid.  I remember sitting in your stupid little camper and we called him on the phone to discuss his behavior. The way you always made him feel like there was always someone else who was equally guilty explained it all to me.  That is why his is the way he is.  That and he has your genetics. If he had a different mother his life would have been a million times better. 

As I am sitting here writing this letter he is listening to recordings he has.  He is sick and you have never once gave a crap.

This last time he went to jail you blamed me.  Well let me tell you that is 100% his fault for going to jail. I had done nothing but fight for my life and my marriage. Do you condone putting a gun to someone’s temple? He is way stronger than me and always had the upper hand. I was lucky I was able to run away when I did.  

The kids disowned you the first time they talked to you right after their dad was in jail.  They were appalled at the way you would treat their mom after what their dad had done.  They were very quick to block your phone calls.  You asked for it.  Even the seven year old wants nothing to do with you.  He remembers you beating him and making him sit in the rocking recliner.  He never liked you.  He liked your husband and when you are gone he will finally be able to see him.  

The way you think you can call my mom and friends and tell them lies is laughable.  You tried so hard to take me down.  But see how this works.  I have always been on the right side and the right side always wins.  I am not perfect as you will always point out but I am nowhere as evil as you. How has your way of living worked out for you?

You enjoying the company of Jen aka the homewrecker who screwed your sons life and family up?  It is appalling that you even think that would bother me.  Desperate measures…right?  I hope she knows what to do with your body when you die because she is all you have left from your son. All you have is the piece of crap trash he doesn’t love and never would love.  

I could write a novel about all the different ways I hate you.  How you messed up your son.  But I will just leave it at this and know when you do pass I will be watching the other side and able to tell you “I told you so!” Until then, enjoy the deathbed you have made.

Bye! Bye! & Good Riddance!

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