No More Nice me!

Author: Anonymous

Look I am fed the f)(*& up. I am not going to let you break a boundary almost every day.  You say you want to marry me someday but that is complete bullshit.  You talk but you don’t do the walk.  Do you think I will forget all this shit? Do you think I love you more? Do you think I tell you shit that bothers me for no reason? Why are you wasting my time? Are you scared I can get better if I have time?  You don’t want to see me happy?  Because right now I am over it all.  I cannot and will not let you do this shit to me.  There is no excuse in the world that makes your actions valid.  You can f off!

Call me what you want, say what you want, whatever makes you feel better but the truth is you are nowhere near a man I would choose.  Nowhere!

How come I don’t have access to your phone? You are always hiding it.  But you have snuck into mine.

How come you can secretly ask woman about me being somewhere but I can’t hit up a guy and do the same especially when you are the fucking cheater?

What you do to me is beyond unfair and it is disgusting.

How come you can stop somewhere on the way home from work and not let me know? Does that seem okay to you.  Not to me.  That is awfully close to a bitch you sent secret messages to.  A bitch you were willing to keep a secret for.

Why do you act like I am the jealous, conniving, lying, cheater in front of people but I am not allowed to shout the truth about you from the rooftops?

No more cameras! No more recorders! No more hiding your phone! No more expecting sex every night! No more going places without letting me know before hand as I would you!  No more letting you do what the fuck you want yet I have no freedom!  No more letting you accuse me of something I never did and never would! No more waiting for you to get better! No more being around someone who is high on drugs as you are! No more letting you bring shit into the house, the wires, the tape! No more listening to your sob story! No more letting you blame anything on me, you are going to blame NOTHING on me! No more expecting me to call or text back immediately! No more ruining my day because you want to accuse me or have reassurance I am not cheating, you have never given me reassurance!

LOOK! NO FUCKING MORE! EVER, EVER, AGAIN! I will not let you do to me what is not okay for me to do to you.  NO MORE! EVER!

No more nice me, who doesn’t question everything I think you are doing! You are about to have it dished from me and you better not say a damn thing because you have earned it and I am serving it.

It is time you get treated the way you treat me! 

Treat me good then I will treat you good!  My actions are going to match yours.  You start it, I finish it.  No, you starting it, I act on it, then you finish it!  I am not going to let you tell me your abuse is because of how I treated you.  You are the abuser whether you like it or not, so fucking change.  Until I see change you will always be my abuser! The end!

Be a person I would marry! If you can’t then step the f down!  You are wasting my time I have the world at my feet and don’t need you dragging me down. I won’t let you drag me down!

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