Life is Not a Soap Opera! Unless you are a homewrecker….

On April 12th, 2021, early in the morning I sent a message to one of the homewreckers with a link to a letter on my blog that I wrote to all of the homewreckers who played a part in my husbands cheating. I sent her the link, mostly because she is still in contact with my partner after 6 years and she had been in contact with him the day before. So, I sent her a text message, it was about time she hears from me.

What I did not expect was a confession about how she was the one who put a fake escort profile with my information online in 2017. This online fake account was the nail in the coffin for my marriage and caused my husband to take a downward spiral and abuse me . I was treated like a slut. He developed delusional jealousy (Othello syndrome, Morbid Jealousy) but was he that delusional or was someone messing with his head? The amount of abuse I suffered from that one thing is unimaginable to most people.  My children suffered and watched their Mom be accused of something they knew was not true. We are forever traumatized and it all got worse right after he found that fake escort profile.  

I am sick over this! I don’t understand why a woman would do this to another woman. A woman she doesn’t know and never met. I thought things that happen in soap operas were just that, soap operas. That kind of stuff doesn’t happen in real life. But it did! It happened to me.

Right now, I am reaching out to see what I can do legally. She really belongs in jail the rest of her life for how much she has tormented my family. She knew my husband was mentally unstable all along and played him. She made him that much sicker. For what? Because she loved him? Stupid!

The paragraph I wrote to her in the letter was brutally honest and goes as follows. If you would like to read the rest you can read it here>>>> Last Words for the Homewreckers

This next paragraph is for the one who I hate above all the rest. This one I would love to sue or have put in jail for what she did to my husband and family. Jen, I hate the fact that you are still around five years later. You are dumb for falling for his mothers bullshit story and bailing him out of jail. You got played and are still being played. I heard your vagina is loose as hell. I am happy you have been ripped off for thousands, and that is just the beginning, You started as a friend to my husband who confided in you about his marriage. You are a huge part of my husband’s mental health break down. A huge part in the way he thought about woman. To find out you are his elder disgusts me and the way you treat him as if he were a child is hilarious and gross at the same time. It is hilarious how you and his Mom have been trying to manipulate him. Two horses that are exactly the same color. Can I say “narcissist”. You should have heard the detective making fun of you, she loved listening to those jail house calls she really likes to make fun of your job as a bus driver for a preschool. Complete winner you are. Oh, thanks for the Herpes II, nasty whore. I should send you all my dirty underwear, you can be that much closer to me. I find it funny how you think you know everything about me when in fact you know nothing about me. You have been fed lies and created your own thoughts on me. You haven’t even met me. You are going to live forever and I want you to know when you are on your deathbed for years at a time, that’s me who did that. Well it is your karma, when you mess with an angel you get the mightiest of punishments.

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