What questions should you ask your partner after finding out they cheated?

They admitted to cheating. They are willing to do what it takes to mend the relationship. They agree to answer all questions with complete honesty.

If you are blessed to have a partner who is willing to answer questions with complete honesty you may be wondering “What should I ask them?”

My best advice is to make a list of your questions. You will be thinking of these questions 24/7 also known as triggers. The best explanation of infidelity triggers! Write them down. This helps get these thoughts out of your head and gives you something to reference when you sit down with your partner to discuss their infidelity. I always kept a notebook handy, even when I left the house. I also had a special section on my phone where I kept these thoughts.

When you do sit down with your partner to discuss their infidelity you need to be prepared to learn details that you will never forget. On the same note, you will always have questions. Sometimes the offending partner will give away too much information, or sometimes it will not feel like enough information. If your partner is truly committed to repairing the relationship you should be able to sit down more than once and discuss.

When it comes down to how much questions and what you should ask them there is no correct answer. This is a difficult road no matter what and the pain is all in the same.

2 responses to “What questions should you ask your partner after finding out they cheated?”

  1. Yeah writing them down helped get them out of my head.

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  2. Great advice to write down the questions you want or need answered as the impact of finding out of an affair can make one overwhelmed.

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