They are never going to do it!


That’s right! They are never going to do it!

I know you keep holding out and enduring the pain hoping they are going to change.

~Waiting for them to understand what they did to you and show remorse.

~Hoping they will stand up for you and set the record straight.

~Waiting for them to be who they used to be.

~Waiting for them to cut ties with affair partners.

~Waiting for them to stop cheating.

~Waiting for them to be honest.

~Waiting on change.

THEY ARE NEVER GOING TO DO IT! All you are doing is damaging your own mental health and delaying any healing you need.

I have been there. I get it. I spent too many years waiting and dreaming of something that was never going to happen. Seven years wasted and not only that I almost died, I exposed my children to unnecessary trauma. All that waiting around wasted time, time I could have been using to better myself and my childrens lives.

I loved too much! I waited for someone who was once a decent person for 17 years but does not resemble an ounce of what he was. I loved too much!

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