Narcs Never Ending Arguments

Last Nights Crazy Argument

Published January 7th, 2021

Last night was a rough night.  I had to listen to how I have turned him into the victim instead of me being the victim.  

Yes, I lost my patience.  He accused me of changing the settings on the group I let him Admin.. My private infidelity recovery group. He said I did it on purpose.  I didn’t do anything.  I had him show me what was happening and low and behold he was trying to enter the settings the wrong way. So yes, I got pissed. He also exclaimed he is jealous of my computer.  So he got my daughters broken computer (he broke when abusing me) and started looking up how to get it fixed.  

The biggest part of our argument came when he exclaimed “We used to share a computer, we used to share all of our social media. The day we split that up is the day everything changed.”  He says this all the time.  This statement pisses me off more than most. 

We split everything up on January 1st, 2018.  I specifically remember this day.  This was 2 1/2 years after the first time I found out he had been cheating.  This was after he had been having sex with dozens of woman. Even though I finally was able to have my own social media accounts he watched them like a hawk. He made stuff up, he constantly changed my passwords and locked me out OF MY STUFF, he unfriended and blocked whomever, he sent messages to people acting like he was me. One time  a guy who I had never met started flirting with me. He exchanged conversations acting like he was me. Then he goes to this guys wife and shows her the messages acting like I was the one sending them. It was a nightmare.  So yes buddy, you will NEVER be allowed on one of my devices with access to anything!

He says I am abusing him because I won’t give him the chance to show he has changed. LAUGHABLE!   

Our older kids don’t even want you anywhere near their devices.  I feel sorry for our little one whose phone you have control over and constantly lock when you can’t get ahold of me. I brought this up too.  He said “his phone was offline for 7 hours and anytime it is offline I lock it.” I said okay and asked for his reasoning behind it.  “I should always know where my kid is.” I replied, “Yeah he is with his Mother who is a responsible adult, it is not like he is by himself.” The real reason you locked his phone is because you couldn’t get ahold of me because I was taking a nap. A nap I told you I was taking. But he thinks when I take naps I am screwing someone.  Anybody who knows me knows I take lots of naps.  I don’t have sex with anybody. I am not that kind of person.  

Since I was right he got aggravated as people of this nature do.  The more you are right, the more you insist they are not in the right mind the more angry they get.  He kept trying to get me to talk about it so I could see his point of view.  I say “Yeah your right.” Well, that irritates him more because he knows that isn’t the truth.  So I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t.  So I get up to go inside.  The best thing to do is not talk and walk away before he gets me too heated.  It makes him more upset but at this point I cannot take anymore. 

So that was my evening living with a morbid jealous delusional person. 

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