The Other Woman. Not worth the energy.

You must forget the otherwhores, skanks and homewreckers.  They are not worth your time.  

Just the same as your husband, they know what they did. They know they helped break a family and shattered children’s lives.  They helped break a marriage.  They helped destroy another woman.  They know they are not worthy of anything from humankind.  They know they are trash that doesn’t belong here on earth.  They torture themselves every day and will continue to be tortured for the rest if their lives unless some serious repenting is done.  The karma that these people receive is humongous. They will live their lives in misery with miserable people. 

Never let the others bother you. You are a skyscraper and they are ants.

5 responses to “The Other Woman. Not worth the energy.”

  1. I can’t wait for this day.

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  2. They tend to stick around. Overtime it becomes different. You will get your power back.

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  3. This is the hardest thing. I know they are worthless, they are lonely, they are empty, and they know they hurt us; but, I can’t stop. I don’t know how to NOT think about them. They swirl in my mind like witches on brooms. It’s the hardest and worst type of reminder and I let them in.

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  4. Technology has played a huge part. It is very sad that infidelity is at a high rate.



    Great piece Lauren! Infidelity is certainly at a historic all-time high and this can be partly blamed on social media and technology


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