Methods Cheating Spouses Use to Hide Their Affairs

What methods does a cheating spouse use to hide their affairs? This question is asked often. The best way to know if someone is having an affair is to know the behavior of a cheater. I asked around and found out. Below is a list of the most common ways they hide their discretions.

  • They use nicknames on their phones or when on a call.
  • They have a second phone.
  • Act as though they are working long hours and/or taking on extra work.
  • Spends only cash.
  • Meating behind stores or gas stations.
  • Take showers before they come home or take one as soon as they come home.
  • Do laundry immediately when they come home.
  • Hide smells with perfume or cologne.
  • Throw away underwear.
  • Turn off their cell phone, have it face down, and/or lock it.
  • Hide items in their vehicles.
  • They may involve friends and family to help create a story for whereabouts.
  • They send messages from the bathroom.
  • They use a work email to communicate with the affair partner.
  • Running extra errands.
  • More time out with friends.
  • Unexpected travel for work.

To learn more about signs that your partner may be cheating click here.

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