You Might as Well Shoot Me!

Dear Idiot,

Let me give you a little background before you decide whether you get involved in shooting me. Then you can answer whether it was worth the money or not?

You don’t know me personally. I am sure you have heard of me or seen me somewhere in town. I know you have heard about me through my abuser too.

I am a mom, minister, caregiver, author, speaker, advocate, daughter and sister. I stand behind my morals and integrity in everything I do. I am also a domestic abuse survivor. I have been through hell and back and relive it in my nightmares every night.

The man you are about to sell a stolen gun to is a felon. He is a felon because he abused me. You should know I have had a gun held to my temple many times and that it is just a small fraction of how much I have been through.

You Might as well be the one shooting me!

I understand you are a lowlife drug addict who has no soul. I get that.

But you do not have the right to sell a stolen gun to a known felon whom you know just had the police called on him by me the “X-Wife.” He had to leave our home. He ended up in your home the night the police were called.

You have no right in deciding if I get murdered! You don’t even know me. Any woman should know better but for some reason you are not even a human. His own friends whom have been criminals in the past know not to give him a gun.

Why do you lack common decency? I expect an answer by the way and while your at it you can tell me if selling that gun to him would be worth it?

I sincerely enjoy knowing you will eat the same crap you dish out. The universe is magic like that.

That is all!

The Domestic Abuse Survivor

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