Personal Review of a GPS tracker to catch a cheater.

I did some research and came across and ordered their GL300 tracker and the magnetic case to go with it. I had them ship it to a location other than my home so my partner could not intercept the package.

With the thousands of couples I have seen come through my groups the betrayed have a common question. They ask, “What GPS tracker should I use?” Most couples are okay using Life360, Google location sharing or similar apps. If your partner doesn’t want to do that and you can access their phone, you can install a spy app on their phone. My problem was my partner uses a fake GPS app on his phone and knows what to look for if I were to put a spy app on his phone. So, I had to find something incognito that he would be unable to detect.

The tracker came within 48 hours. The packaging represented the product well unlike the other GPS tracker I bought off Wish. There was a pamphlet with clear instructions on how to activate the device. I put the tracker on the charger and got my account set up online. They also have an app you can put on your phone that does the same thing the online account does. You can login and check all the information the tracker has reported.

I got the tracker all charged up and did all the steps for the activation. Here is when the Spytec company really showed how much they care about their customers. I could not get the tracker to work. I did everything step by step and nothing. I sent an email to the company and within 24 hours they replied back with what steps they took and to check the tracker again. Sure enough it was working.

Once I made sure the tracker was working I did a trial run with the tracker on myself. It reported remarkably well and a lot better than what Google location was showing. I was ready to place the tracker on my partners vehicle.

The instructions tell you exactly how to place the tracker so the cell service and gps will get picked up. Since I had ordered the magnetic case to go with it this was a simple step. I found a spot on the vehicle to put it.

I had already set my preferences online to alert me of certain conditions. I set up boundaries and was notified if the tracker entered or exited the boundary. I was notified when the tracker started a trip and ended a trip. I chose to have the alerts sent to my cell phone but there is an option to have it sent to email or both. You can choose any email or phone number you want. You also have the ability to add a person to the account so they have access as well. You can also put the alerts on a do not disturb mode.

For almost twenty dollars a month I was able to do everything I needed to do. I got the tracker up and running for under one hundred dollars and every single penny was worth it. I highly recommend this company and their trackers. This has given me a peace of mind I was unable to get otherwise.

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