F(&#&*&G Disgusting! Life is not a soap opera!

In late 2018 my husband was really sick and disturbed. He had admitted to multiple affairs, his jealousy was out of control. I was worried I was going to die. There is one incident that set this in action and made things worse with his mental health and how I was treated.

I remember like it was yesterday and the following years I have been reminded countless times. I was accused of being on a Backpage account as an escort. He said he had pictures and talked to some guy about it. I know I never would ever do something like this. I find it disgusting. I had never even been with anyone else. I have been reminded of this “finding” of my husbands multiple times. He would not believe it wasn’t me. No matter what he would not accept my truth. So, what did he do? He became abusive. He slept with dozens of woman. He treated me horribly. The kids and I started being traumatized. I watch my husbands mental health deteriorate at a rapid rate. THE WORSE HOMEWRECKER OF ALL ADMITTED TO PUTTING ME ON THE BACKPAGE ESCORT SITE. SICK! Her actions cause a tremendous amount of trauma that me and my three children will deal with the rest of our lives. I cannot believe there are people out there that do this crap.

I am thinking legal action is in the cards in the very near future. See below to how disgustingly gross I have been targeted. I have done absolutely nothing. I didn’t even know this lady and have only seen her for a second a very long time ago. To target me is disgusting!

I wrote a letter to all the homewreckers to provide some closure to all of this. Last Words for the Homewreckers One night I was having a rough night dealing with all the trauma so I thought “That’s it! She needs to read my letter.” THIS WAS BEFORE I KNEW WHAT SHE HAD DONE! I sent her a link to my letter and told her she should read it because there is a part about her. Below is the paragraph to her.

Below is screenshots of the comments her friend makes on the post and my responses. I cannot get over how disgusting and utterly horrific these woman are. I knew there was awful people in this world but this? They belong in jail!

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